The Recap; Cape Verde Islands vs Tunisia (Match 4)

Group B

Cape Verde Islands
Cape Verde Islands



DATE: 18 January 2015

Venue: Estadio Ebebiyin;

City: Ebebiyin, Equatorial Guinea

Time: 21:00 CAT

Match Result: Cape Verde Islands 1 – 1 Tunisia

Goal scorers: Mohamed Ali Moncer (70′) Heldon Ramos (78′)

The GSV Top Class Award

Going into this game, most football fans expected Tunisia to emerge the stronger, more comfortable side. But this wasn’t the case. as the Cape Verde team took on an attacking mentality from the onset, landing the better of the opening exchanges. One of the men who was key to this was Sporting Lisbon’s Heldon Ramos, who inspired his side in attack, and was at the heart of everything good about the Cape Verde outfit. For this, we award The GSV Top Class Award to Heldon Ramos, top class on the night.

The Class Clown Award

Heldon Ramos’ involvement in the game is unquestionable, more so because even though he gave an outstanding performance for his team, he also plays a key part in the incident that is awarded the Class Clown award. Replays of the build up to Cape Verde’s equalizer, which they got courtesy of a Heldon penalty, show that 1) There was no contact on Heldon by the defender and 2) If there was, it took place outside the penalty box, and therefore a free kick should have been awarded as opposed to a penalty. The referee, who awarded the penalty all too quickly, and the player, who may or may not have taken a dive, will share the award due to the lack of clarity within the situation.

The Grand Stand View

The expectations in this game all swung in favour of Tunisia. Having been one of the countries to come into the tournament on the back of an unbeaten qualifying campaign, most fanatic circles would have expected Tunisia to have a comfortable time on the pitch. But the Cape Verde team had other ideas, taking the game to the Tunisians and creating most of the opening chances. Failure to capitalise on these chances, however, proved to be to the detriment of the Blue Sharks, as the Tunisians regrouped at half time and took relative control of the game in the second half. Signs of the shift in the balance of play showed when it was Tunisia who scored first, a goal which was later cancelled out by a dubious penalty. It was a game of two halves, and on the balance of it, a draw seems a fair result. The result means that all the teams in group B have taken 1 point from 1 match played, leaving the group wide open.


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