The Recap; Cape Verde vs DR Congo (Match 12)

Group B

Cape Verde Islands
Cape Verde Islands


DR Congo
DR Congo

Date: January 22nd, 2015

Venue: Nuevo Estadio de Ebebiyín

City: Ebebiyín, Equatorial Guinea

Time: 21:00 (CAT)

Match Result: 0 – 0

Goal Scorers: N/A

The GSV Top Class Award

In all honesty, one wouldn’t expect such a drab encounter to have a GSV Top Class Award winner, yet that’s where we come in and spring a surprise; the GSV Top Class Award goes to any individual who can honestly state that they watched that entire game without yawning once. If you can find such an individual, please tell them to come have a drink on us the next time we frequent the same watering hole.

The GSV Class Clown Award

After gifting us with the most unentertaining and yawn-filled encounter of this African Cup of Nations, Cape Verde and the DR Congo deserve to get on the podium and share our GSV Class Clown award as we pelt them with eggs and shower the boo’s for the 90 minuets they wasted of our lives; these lads need to understand that eye-time comes at a premium.

The Grand Stand View

The reality of this encounter and its boring nature is startling, one needs to call up the CAF hotline and enquire about getting a refund for the life wasted after this bore-fest of an encounter. When other sides aimed to inspire us to adore African football even more, Cape Verde and the DR Congo dished out the worst advert for African football in living memory. It will be worth noting how both these sides go into their next round of fixtures after they almost put themselves to sleep during a game that should be taped and shown to insomniacs who aim to fix their problems.


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