The Italian Job; Ravel Morrison, The 6th Sequel

Ravel Morrison Lazio Roma Jersey
Ravel Morrison Lazio Roma Jersey

It has become a rare occurrence to see talented young English footballers move to clubs outside of The British Isles, yet the fact that a promising lad like Ravel Morrison is moving to the Serie A is one worth applauding. The last couple of seasons have been rough for one of England’s most talented footballers in this current generation, a lad with the ability to turn a game on its head with one mazy run or one take-on of immense quality; with a skill-set that is incredibly un-English like, Ravel could develop into the elite level trequartista that England have desperately lacked.

Ravel’s off-field indiscretions are much publicised and often used to taint the image of a talented young lad thirsting for an opportunity to be trusted for his undoubted ability and protected from the evils that plague many promising young lads from difficult backgrounds. Paul Gascoigne was the first talented yet wayward Englishman to sign for S.S. Lazio when they paid £5, 5m for his services in 1992; Gazza did not enjoy the best of spells in Rome yet he endeared himself to a football loving fan base that admires talented players with the ability to elevate the playing standard of their side and the league as a whole. Ravel Morrison is the calibre of footballer the supporters of Lazio will warm to and enjoy watching when his is in full flow and displaying the God given abilities he has to turn a football pitch into a canvas that he paints artworks upon with his magical paintbrush feet.

A sprucely talented young lad with great ability and a keen sense of his own worth, maybe to keen for some; Ravel will be joining his 6th club in his relatively short career to date and oddly enough, this could be the lad’s final shot at making the most of his talents at the elite level before coming a globetrotting sideshow that ends up hopping from club to club while living off his potential and not growing as a footballer and being reputed for his on-field ability and not his off-field antics. You may have been able to tell already, your mate Bob is a keen Ravel Morrison admirer; outside of Jack Wilshere, Ross Barkley, Saido Berahino and Raheem Sterling, there is no more offensively outrageously talented young English footballers playing at the elite level and capable of mixing it up with some of the fraternity’s choice young footballers. The potential for growth in Ravel Morrison is beyond outrageous, the lad has the proven ability to be a star in winning-time; as a wise man once said, “If he’s a star in wining-time as a pro, you can bet he was a star in winning-time as a kid on the playground.” Ravel needs to know how to use his creativity on the field and channel his youthful zest into great performances that will display his brilliance to the entire football fraternity; once this young lad finally gets his game together, Ravel Morrison will be an elite level superstar and that’s more than an opinion, it’s a fact backed by substantial evidence that he brought to light as an 8 year old that was scouted for the highly reputable Manchester United Academy.

With 5 months to go before Ravel officially signs for S.S. Lazio and aims to become the 2nd best trequartista in Rome since Francesco Totti has solidified his place in folklore as the best no: 10 the city has seen since Giuseppe Giannini left in ‘96, the lad has enough time to get his mind into the right frame and get his body up to the level that the more physically imposing and defensively inclined Serie A requires from an attacking player. The Manchester United Youth Academy graduate has been branded as un-coachable in some quarters and the tag seems to be unfair when you consider that the lad is only 21 years old and barely anywhere near his peak as a footballer or anywhere near to completing his development as a talented youngster; a 3 year stint in a foreign country that does youth development very well is something that could be exceedingly beneficial for the young lad, he could finally fulfil his potential and become the world beating midfield playmaker that England have been crying out for and Bob’s your F.C. Bari 1908 supporting zio.


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