The Recap; DR Congo vs Equatorial Guinea (Match 31)

3rd/4th Place Play-off

DR Congo
DR Congo


Equatorial Guinea
Equatorial Guinea

Date: February 7th, 2015

Venue: Nuevo Estadio de Malabo

City: Malabo, Equatorial Guinea

Time: 18:00 (CAT)

Match Result: DR Congo 0 – 0 Equatorial Guinea (4 – 2, Penalties)

Goal Scorers: N/A

The GSV Top Class Award

Many in the global football fraternity felt as though this game should have never been allowed to be played in the 1st place, yet the fact that the powers that be felt as though there was no reason to have abandoned the now infamous semi-final meant that we were always bound to have this encounter was always bound to be played; we award the GSV Top Class Award to both of these sides for their focus on ensuring that the focus remains on the football on display and not the revolting side-show that has begun to place a stench on what has been a good tournament. Although they did not deliver the fireworks we expected, both sets of players showed that they can rise above the controversy and ensure that the African football fraternity as a whole will have a few more fond memories of the 30th edition of the African Cup of Nations; for the heart and desire they displayed in getting up for this clash, DR Congo and Equatorial Guinea are the winners of the GSV Top Class Award.

The GSV Class Clown Award

One would have thought that the Equatoguineans would have endeavoured to come out in their droves to support their National Thunder and show the entire Global football fraternity that they are far better than they are being portrayed for a night they would like to write off as a lapse of composure on an emotionally charged night; yet the fact that many of the Nzalang Nacional supporters stayed away when their side seemed to need their support the most and for that, we award them with the GSV Class Clown Award for the second game running. We aren’t defined by where we fall, we are defined by how we rise up and overcome the obstacle and the Equatoguinean supporters have not shown a great response to a night that has sent their football fraternity back 5 years after making great strides forward during the last few weeks; for deserting their side when they needed to support them fervently and put up a united and front, we award the Equatoguinean supporters with the GSV Class Clown Award.

The Grand Stand View

From the offset, Equatorial Guinea showed a desire to ensure that they would have a memorable end to what has been a momentum building Afcon run for the squad and their football fraternity as a whole on the field of play; the fact that their supporters opted to stay away may have made it harder for the lads to fully give their all for the jersey when the people they were playing for chose to stay at home when they should have been cheering them onto achieving what would have been a momentous 3rd place finish. The National Thunder seemed to lack that cutting edge to make the most of their chances and it was that bluntness in front of goal that allowed DR Congo to grow into the game and begin to grow in confidence as they begun to come into their own behind some enterprising play from their talisman Yannick Bolasie, the Crystal Palace man was guilty of wasting a chance that a player of his ilk should be tucking away and running off to the corner flag to celebrate putting his nation in the lead; the set piece deliver from both sides was extremely poor and it made it hard for one to see a goal coming from anywhere in this clash. While DR Congo continued to grow in dominance, the Equatoguineans seemed to diminish in confidence and it started to seem as if third place would be a tough ask for them and their stay at home supporters; they did seem to enjoy a brief spell of dominance after DR Congo started the 2nd stanza well and wasted a handful of chances, both sides started committing more players into attack in the hope of snatching a winner. The game begun to look like the open encounter we had expected to see from the offset yet both sides seemed to lack that extra bit of quality they needed to get the goal that would give them the advantage as time begun to run out, both gaffers made changes in the hope of turning their sides fortunes around yet to no avail; 3rd place would have to be won from the penalty spot by two sides that had already shown a lack of composure during the game.


0-0 (Javier Balboa)

1-0 (Cedrick Mabwati)

1-0 (Raúl Fabiani)

2-0 (Lema Mabidi)

2-1 (Juvenal)

3-1 (Chancel Mbemba Mangulu)

3-2 (Viera Ellong)

4-2 (Cédric Mongongu)


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