The Institutions List; An Empire Of Development

Stars Of Africa Football Academy
Stars Of Africa Football Academy
Farouk Khan
Farouk Khan

Imagine a world where aspiring young footballers could be taken in as pimple faced teens with a tad bit of bum fluff on their chins and nurtured into complete and successful professional footballers with their airbrushed faces on billboards in countries they have never considered frequenting while they sip cocktails in Ibiza with their significant other, who just happens to be an aspiring supermodel… Well dear friend and reader, such a world does exist in the football realm; although many in our fraternity tend to behave as if young stars pop up at random like a cannabis plant and bring euphoria after being allowed the opportunity to light the scene up. We at GSV have roped in your mate Uncle Bob and asked him to dust off his PhD in Development Football and become the Dean of our newly founded School Of Academies, where we enlighten, inform and entertain you with all the insight he has on development sides across the fraternity. In no particular or meticulous order, for that matter, we present to you The GSV Institutions List.

Stars Of Africa Football Academy


Country: South Africa

Location: Mayfair-West, Johannesburg, Gauteng; South Africa

Founded: 2003

Head Of Youth Development: Farouk Khan

Head Of Scouting: Norman Sesane

Notable Graduates: Tshepo Mashishi, Tefu Mashamaite, Sibusiso Khumalo May Mahlangu ,Tokelo Rantie, Ayanda Nkili, Bradley Ralani, Andile Xaba

Fresh Out The Oven:  Thibang Phete, Thamsanqa Ngobeza, Pule Moraisane, Tlotlo Leepile, Junaid Sait, Luther Singh

Report Card

Training facilities: C+

Training methodologies: B+

Coaches: B-

Opportunities for growth: A

Dean’s Comment:  There is something poetic about Farouk Khan and youth development, a devoted servant to the art of nurturing talented young players, Mister Geppetto has put in the 10 000 hours to master his craft and become something of an artist when it comes to giving the Mzansi diski kingdom talents that ooze that Mzansi appeal and unique class. Having played a hand in the early days of solid youth development at Kaizer Chiefs, Khan knows how to nourish and feed young lads the nutritious football knowledge they require to be the best Mzansi football representatives that they can be on the field of play; Gerald Sibeko, Jabu Mahlangu (Pule), Thabiso “Skaapie” Malatji and Lucky Mzizi are just a few examples of what he is capable of producing when allowed to breed young guns to play the Mzansi way unapologetically. Now that Stars Of Africa as an institution are beginning to reap the rewards of their work with constant representation in the current Bafana Bafana side and the national youth teams, it is time for the Mzansi diski kingdom as a whole to thank their lucky stars that we continue to have an empire that feeds off feeding our Diski with elite level ready talent year after year like clockwork. With many more talented and determined young lads on the way, it’s only a matter of time before Stars Of Africa are the leading exporter of top class talent out of Africa; and it will be nothing short of a deserved accomplishment for an institution that has truly fought for its right to be a flag bearer for youth development in Mzansi. Hats and Makarapa’s off to you lads!


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