GSV Hot List; The Tempestuous Tyroane Sandows

A Dream Led To This | Ty Sandows
A Dream Led To This | Ty Sandows
The South African Samba Boy | Ty Sandows
The South African Samba Boy | Ty Sandows

At GSV, we take the self allotted duty of enlightening our readers on all matters sports related very seriously, especially when it comes to informing the fraternity as a whole about the stars of the future that are on the rise as well as those that are already making a splash in the fraternity at a tender young age; we are proud to present to you the GSV Hot List, the most authoritative young African talent index in the entire football realm. The GSV Hot List is our selection of the best u/23 footballers in their positions, ranking the lads against their competitors and giving you some information on the player; we aim to ensure that you remain entertained, informed and enlightened while growing your knowledge base. This is the Mzansi football edition of the GSV Hot List, we will provide you with the quintessential player index of all the premier youth Mzansi football talent in the fraternity; the GSV Hot List is your one stop shop to all your Mzansi stars of the future.


Ty Sandows


Full Name: Tyroane Joe Sandows

DoB: February 12th, 1995 (20)

PoB: Westbury, Johannesburg; Gauteng

Caps & Goals: N/A (SA u/20 International)

Position/s: Advanced Playmaker, Advanced Forward, Deep-Lying Forward, Complete Forward, Poacher

Preferred Foot: Right

Height: 1, 70m

Club: Grêmio FBPA

Contract Expiry: June 30th, 2017

Development Academy: São Paulo

GSV Potential Indicator: Sibusiso Zuma (5/5)

The Talent Scout Report: (Positional)

Picture a Mzansi football genius, born with the attacking gifts given to some of the best of them from the South of Johannesburg; like Steven Pienaar and Keagan Dolly, Ty has been blessed with immaculate close control and the Velcro touch of a more deeper lying midfielder coupled off with custom fitted South American designed special features, skilled and creative with the license to thrill and the ability to amaze. Ty is that special kind of player that every offensive minded gaffer dreams of unleashing on the opposition, a skilled young lad with gas to burn and the technique to twist up the most rigid of defenders; there is no limit to the levels Ty can rise to as a footballer with his name destined to be mentioned among some of the most talented players to come out of the famed São Paulo Academy in years to come.

Westbury has herself yet another starlet worth displaying to the football loving world, a prodigy with the magical touch that makes the ball smile and the finishing ability we associate with a certain legendary striker that was birthed in Brazil. With globalization continuing to spread, South Africa could soon have more overseas developed young players with great potential to add to our national pool, how we treat cases like Ty’s could dictate how we grow with the rigours of modern football where you player management at national team level is now even more pivotal for the organic growth of a national side. We are at GSV are still thankful that the Shona Khona initiative has allowed us to broaden our minds when it comes to developing our players in other parts of the fraternity as those adopted traits becomes deadly when fused with our own indigenous abilities.


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