Half-Time Orange For Thought; In The Valley Of Decision, Sibusiso Vilakazi

To Move Or Not To Move? | #Banter
To Move Or Not To Move? | #Banter


Dissected with the attention to detail of a legendary Masterchef 2nd season casting outcast , your good mate Uncle Bob serves up his weekly Half-Time Orange For Thought; a mental morsel for the sports fanatic with a healthy appetite for wholesome consumables. We at GSV have reluctantly declared ourselves accountable for any digestion difficulties that may or may not occur. Enjoy!

The rumoured R 6m bid from Kaizer Chiefs to BidVest Wits for the services of talisman Sibusiso Vilakazi has left a sour taste in my mouth; credible sources have the players’ market value at R 6,5m and his club have set an asking price of R 15m for a player they nurtured well. With those figures thrown into a mixture that contains the club’s reluctance to sell locally and the premium on local talent in our league, a bid of R 6m should be considered as nothing but laughable to say the least. While Kaizer Chiefs have had the player on their radar for what seems like eons in football rumour years, one would think that they of all people would be looking to ensure that they approach The Students with an offer that would appeal to even the most ardent of minds to reconsider their position. I personally consider the offer disrespectful to Wits and Mzansi Diski as a whole, it purely insinuates that Kaizer Chiefs can let go of their own established stars over monetary squabbles and then engage another club in an attempt to buy their star player for less than acceptable terms and possibly unsettle the player and disrupt the harmony within the locker room at Milpark without reprimand or reprise from the media or the fans.

One can fully understand why Wits remain steadfast in their refusal to sell Vila locally as they will be weakening their own side to strengthen a rival, or at worst, losing him to become a squad player at a rival club while the national team loses a possible attacking threat and the club gets a few Randela’s richer. We’ve seen it happen way too many times to turn a blind eye to it; Wits could easily be in it for the profit and dangle Vila in front of all the sharks in the water before throwing him off to the highest bidder with no concern for his career like some clubs have done in the past, yet their newer ideology is an admirable one and the academy prospects waiting to break into the side will be motivated by the devotion the club is showing to ensuring that their players receive the best holistic development and care for a long and prosperous football career.

My rant could prove to be futile if the overactive rumour mill is to be believed, yet I truly pray that Wits receive what they deserve if they are to sell their talisman and that Vila continues to grow and shine as a footballer regardless of which club colours he dons next season, as the national team needs him to be at his best in the seasons to come if we are to fulfil the promise within this current generation of talented footballers. BidVest Wits are an ideology steeped institution and their thriving development academy and well connected scouting network already have some promising young talents lined up to fill the great void The General would leave behind in Braamfontein and Bob’s your former Vaal Professionals adoring sekuru.


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