So Where To? The Furthered Pursuit Of Greatness For The Soweto Giants

The Prodigal Son Returns Home | Steve Komphela
The Prodigal Son Returns Home | Steve Komphela

One of the most glamorous football clubs in the realm stood at a crossroad that had Mzansi Diski supporters far and wide speculating and confabulating for hours on end; who would the new Kaizer Chiefs coach be? After the success of a big-name foreign gaffer, would the powers that be over at Naturena decide to lend the reigns over to yet another reputable foreign name as they seek to catapult their club back to its rightful place alongside Mama Africa’s elite on the playing field?

It’s a new dawn at Naturena as the personnel exodus of the mentor and a couple of his charges has paved the way for a minor squad reshuffle, which could be just what the doctor has prescribed for the AmaKhosi after their mid-season wobble with a nucleus of the squad that was looking a tad bit leggy too. Doctor Khumalo is a man that knows the culture of Kaizer Chiefs like he knows the dimensions of a football, and we saw in Shaun Bartlett at AmaZulu how a former assistant coach with a good football brain and a great reputation amongst players can inspire true greatness within any circumstances; many, including myself, have stated our belief that Mdokies has been in the coaching setup at Kaizer Chiefs for long enough to warrant being considered for a shot at leading the club he loves dearly on a full-time basis, yet his lack of experience in a senior coaching job will hinder him in this quest for a tad bit longer. I would like to believe that true AmaKhosi fans will flock to the stadium in droves to watch a winning Kaizer Chiefs that plays attractive attacking football under the tutelage of Mdokies as he bloods young players in that long lost Khosi culture, yet the fact that he is still in the setup is pivotal for the club as he can work extremely well in the boot room alongside his new boss and former teammate Steve Komphela as they seek to do just that an even more.

The AmaKhosi have afforded their grand platform to a proven Mzansi gaffer in the form of Steve Komphela, a man that has terrorised Khosi gaffers enough to be considered for the great role of leading a side he served with distinction as a player. Lord willing, Steve “The Mastermind” Komphela will get his deserved opportunity to lead his national team as a coach before he retires from what promises to be a great managerial career; it only seems fitting for the man to prove his credentials by becoming the first South African born coach to win a PSL title for Kaizer Chiefs and take them on a spell of dominance in the African Champions League for good measure. There has been much said about Steve and his suitability for the job at Naturena, yet there is no purer football man in the kingdom with the appetite and drive The Mastermind brings to his job. As far as motivation letters go, I’d like to believe I have sold this viable candidate well. There’s a side order of banter with your food for thought…

The responsibility of making a purposeful decision was placed in the hands of those entrusted with the grand task of leading one of the premier football institutions in South African football, we at GSV will like to wish them clarity of thought and decisiveness in execution as they proceed from this great crossroad that will, Lord willing, lead the organization as a whole onto a path that inspires true greatness and all it encompasses. Bob’s your first cousin’s Rabali Blackpool jersey having step father, we will be rooting for a man that inspires true greatness in all he has achieved and continues to achieve as a true football man.


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