Playing On Memory Lane; The Mighty Maulers, Manning Rangers

Polishing Pendants | Manning Rangers F.C.
Polishing Pendants | Manning Rangers F.C.
Back In The Days | Gordon Igesund
Back In The Days | Gordon Igesund

We implore players to play for the name on the front of the jersey as it will lead us to then remember the name on the back; but what happens when the name on the front of the jersey legally seizes to exist? We have seen many clubs bought, renamed, reformed, relocated or declared defunct in our football life cycles, yet we cannot afford to allow that history to remain unprinted or unspoken of if we seek to raise our children in a world where the history of football is told and told in a manner that educates and informs while also entraining and evoking nostalgic football moments in time. A week is a long time in football, so some clubs may seem eons old to some of our readers, but we would like to warmly welcome our Football Historian in to give you Playing On Memory Lane; a feature that takes us on a trip down memory lane with a look at football clubs we have lost over the years.


Manning Rangers F.C.


Full Name: Manning Rangers Football Club

Nickname: The Mighty Maulers

Founded: 1928

Dissolved: 2006

Based: Chatsworth, Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal; South Africa

Home Ground/s: Chatsworth Stadium (The Den), Chatsworth; Durban [35 000]

Colours: White, Blue & Gold

Founder:  GR Naidoo

Last Played In: National First Division 2005/2006 (Finished 12th/ 16)

Reason For Non-Existence: The club declared bankruptcy in 2006 and were sold to the Fidentia Group for R 2,5m, before being renamed Fidentia Rangers while also relocating to Cape Town and later becoming Ikapa Sporting F.C towards the culmination of 2007 after the Fidentia Group faced legal troubles and were forced to move the club on.

Notable Former Gaffers: Clive Barker, Bruce Grobbelaar, Shepherd Murape, Gordon Igesund, Edward “Eddie” Lewis

Notable Former Players: John McLaughlin, Clinton Larsen, Jerome McCarthy, Kerryn Jordan, Neil Tovey, Gilbert Mushangazhike, Mark Davies, Bruce Grobbelaar, Innocent Chikoya, George Koumantarakis, Simon Makhubela, Paulito, Anthony Tokpah, Siyabonga Siphika, Frank Makua, Saul Molapo, McDonald Mukansi, Alton Meiring, Lebohang Kukame, Sipho Ndzuzo, Ishmael Maluleke, Issaac “Shakes” Kungwane, Lucky Maselesele, Fees Moloi, Bennet Masinga, Tebogo Moloi, Warren Du Pont, Pollen Ndlanya, Joel Seroba, Bradley Muir, Grant Johnson

The Grand Stand View

Every league needs a competitively built squad of seasoned campaigners that readily give it a go and use their experience to good effect in each game as they better the standard of the league by making it even more competitive while also aiding in the nurturing of young players and passing on their years of insight in the game; Manning Rangers was that football club in Mzansi Disk and more, a team that made each encounter seem unpredictable for any opposition side while also giving the proud people of Durban a thriving multi-cultural football club in the upper echelons of South African football at a time when such an occurrence was unheard of. We will miss the night games in Chatsworth with the Mighty Maulers throwing caution to the wind late on in an encounter trying to see off the upset of yet another more illustrious side, we will miss watching men whose careers have been written off put in immense shits while donning that Gold and Blue stripped jersey; but above all else, we will miss having yet another competitive top flight team that was not from the Inland and was still capable of brining in large crowds and entertaining them as well.

Their decline was one so painful to watch that even the thought of it evokes painful thoughts, yet due to the depth of the scandals that dodged the group which bought the franchise of Manning Rangers after their bankruptcy; their history was rapidly shunted to the side as we moved onto the newest news in football and quickly forgot that Ikapa Sporting could easily have been Manning Rangers or a Durban based reincarnation thereof with more luck and far more stringent ownership regulations. A team of Rangers’ stature should firstly never have been allowed to go bankrupt after the improvement in the league’s financial situation, yet we need to learn from what happened to their legacy after the loose nature of our club ownership transfer regulations allowed their history to be washed away so easily. To some of us, Manning Rangers will always be the Mighty Maulers that shocked the nation by blitzing goals in abundance as they won the inaugural PSL title in 1996/1997, and we will pray that their resurrection as Rangers FC will allow them to see some of the success and prosperity the original Manning Rangers had, that selfsame Manning Rangers that had all of Chatsworth, and indeed most of KZN and Mzansi, in a frenzy.


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