The Institutions List; ASD Cape Town, Putting Faith Back Into Youth Development

Nurturing Future Stars | ASD Cape Town
Nurturing Future Stars | ASD Cape Town
Frequent Flyers... | ASD Cape Town On Tour
Frequent Flyers… | ASD Cape Town On Tour

Imagine a world where aspiring young footballers could be taken in as pimple faced teens with a tad bit of bum fluff on their chins and nurtured into complete and successful professional footballers with their airbrushed faces on billboards in countries they have never considered frequenting while they sip cocktails in Ibiza with their significant other, who just happens to be an aspiring supermodel… Well dear friend and reader, such a world does exist in the football realm; although many in our fraternity tend to behave as if young stars pop up at random like a cannabis plant and bring euphoria after being allowed the opportunity to light the scene up. We at GSV have roped in your mate Uncle Bob and asked him to dust off his PhD in Development Football and become the Dean of our newly founded School Of Academies, where we enlighten, inform and entertain you with all the insight he has on development sides across the fraternity. In no particular or meticulous order, for that matter, we present to you The GSV Institutions List.

ASD Cape Town


Full Name: Africa Soccer Developments Cape Town

Country: South Africa

Location: Claremont, Cape Town; Western Cape

Founded: 2009

Nickname: The Wild Dogs

Co-Founder & Director: Mike Steptoe

Notable Graduates: Mpho Makola, Patrick Phungwayo, Lindani Ntamo, Sive Phekezela, Ayanda Patosi, Ebrahim Seedat, Ntsikelelo Nyauza, Ayanda Lubelo, Ethen Sampson, Mabhuti Mayambela. David Gateri, Brandon Fernandes, Myron Mendes, Rushine de Reuck, Andisiwe Mtsila, Devon Saal, Lucky Mshumpela, Thabiso Posholi, Sherwin Bailey

Report Card

Training facilities: B+

Training methodologies:  A-

Coaches: A

Opportunities for growth: A-

Dean’s Comment:  The ASD Cape Town youth academy will already go down in modern football history as a living testament to the abundance of talent Mama Africa has at her disposal and just how successful one can be at developing that talent and changing the lives of talented young footballers by affording them a fair crack at becoming elite level football professionals while elevating the standard of the beautiful game on the continent and aiding in the breaking of the poverty cycle that plagues our beautiful  and potential rich homelands.

ASD CT thrive off developing players between the ages of 15 and 19, the pivotal foundation phase in the development of a football player, while equipping them with the physical, technical and mental tools to play the game at an elite level by the time they are fully developed prodigies who are primed to take their skills onto the next level. Their holistic approach to development leads to them developing men and not just footballers, the academy promotes a culture of prayer in faith in God, who ordains all things and uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things daily; this approach to teaching growth in one’s purpose through a deeper understanding of faith and the promotion of a relationship with God through Bible study and devotions has allowed their protégés to grow immensely while at the academy and this key ingredient of faith and belief in purpose are pivotal to the academies success rate at developing great football professionals and God fearing men of true character.

The holistic approach to development continues off the field as players are taught coaching courses that equip them for a life outside of football while some of their off –field activities include learning to cook and care for oneself when one is abroad and away from home; this extra bit of care and attention is often the differentiator between a player making the grade overseas due to acclimatisation and desire to fulfil ones potential, or returning home prematurely and never truly fulfilling the great potential they were blessed with. The tours abroad and specialised training for European leagues also aid in the development of the players as they get to see what it is they are dreaming about and experience some of the hurdles they will have to overcome in order to get there. ASD Cape Town are surely worthy of a place on our legendary list of great youth developmental institutions, yet we at GSV will continue to pray for more institutions like ASD Cape Town as we know that the future of football can only be as bright as the young players we continue to scout and develop with the right purposes at heart and Bob’s your maternal Grandmothers second born son.

“Our talents are the gift that God gives to us, what we make of our talents is our gift back to God. – Felice Leonardo “Leo” Buscaglia


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