GSV Grading The Deal; Ajax Cape Town

The Urban Warriors | Ajax Cape Town
The Urban Warriors | Ajax Cape Town
The ABSA Premiership Trophy | The Ultimate Prize
The Ultimate Prize | The ABSA Premiership Trophy

The 2015/16 Premier Soccer League season is now officially underway, while football fanatics from far and wide all experience the mixed bag of emotions that come with being an avid football follower in such entertaining times, we at GSV have served you up a little morsel for thought as we begin to approach the end of the transfer window. Dished out for your reading pleasure, we present to you GSV Grading The Deal, were all the ABSA Premiership clubs will have their acquisitions dissected with the view of shedding more light on the shady world of transfer dealings. Enjoy!

ABSA Premiership

Ajax Cape Town Football Club


Ndiviwe Mdabuka

Transferred From: Vasco Da Gama

DoB: March 12th, 1991 (24)

Nationality: South African

Position/s: Anchorman, Ball-Winning Midfielder, Box-To-Box Midfielder

Ruzaigh Gamildien

Transferred From: Milano United

DoB: April 4th, 1989 (26)

Nationality: South African

Position/s: Winger, Attacking Midfielder, Advanced Playmaker

Thomas Chideu

Transferred From: The Highlanders (Zimbabwe)

DoB: October 30th, 1996 (18)

Nationality: Zimbabwean

Position/s: Advanced Forward, Complete Forward, Poacher

Prince Nxumalo

Transferred From: SuperSport United

DoB: May 18th, 1990 (25)

Nationality: South African

Position/s: Complete Forward, Target-Man

The Grand Stand View

The Urban Warriors find themselves in a great position for the first time in seasons when it comes to the depth of their roster, the club has managed to retain the services of their young and talented, yet now fairly experienced, spine; one can only see the off-season acquisitions adding more value to the squad instead of having the burden of coming in to replace players that have moved on. Gaffer Roger De Sa did extremely well to soften the blow brought about by the inevitable departure of Keagan Dolly last season through the promotion of a young starlet in Riyaad Norodien, he will be looking to a few more of his young contingent to come out of the shadows and step into the pressure cooker on the elite stage.

The fortunes of Ajax Cape Town have surely turned in recent months, the club can boast a myriad of quality young players that are internationals at some level or future internationals in the making, they have repositioned themselves as a premier football club in the premier league yet again and this will bode well for them in the transfer market as they have more buying and selling power. Overall, Ajax Cape Town have gone about their business relatively quietly thus far, we should expect to see a more settled and competitive football club this season over at Ikamva; the fans will pray that it all translates into an even more matured and hungrier dressing room that can deliver some much craved silverware this season. The true windfall from having a great developmental academy is truly reaped at first team level, where the club is able to ensure that they have players that are elite level ready, at a fraction of the market price for elite level ready talent in the premier league. Ajax Cape Town can boast one of the most competitive starting units in the top half of the table, and the depth added by their conveyor belt of a development academy will always ensure that they are able to field a competitive side; the relative silence in the transfer market reflects the quality within the club already, and that could easily translate into The Urban Warriors pushing the Big 5 all the way to the wire yet again this season.


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