GSV Wunderkind Watching; A Jewel, Jeff Reine-Adelaide

Jeff Reine-Adelaide(RC Lens)
A Product Of Sang et Or | Jeff Reine-Adelaide
UEFA European Under-17 Championship - France Portraits
A Future Les Bleus Star | Jeff Reine-Adelaide


: a child prodigy; also :  one who succeeds in a competitive or highly difficult field or profession at an early age

: someone who achieves success or shows great talent at a young age

The transition from playground hero to global superstar is one that only a lucky few get to undergo & complete; child prodigies can be found in every crevice of the globe, yet one does not always get to witness a child prodigy excel at a competitive level and show signs of great promise at a tender age, as gaffers are often under pressure to get immediate results and predictably punt for more seasoned pro’s as they seek to attain some much needed job security. Football remains one of the greatest tests of talent in the modern age, a field where hard work beats talent, when talent refuses to work hard and having talent alone is not enough to truly flourish in the craft. With measured development and sound off-field guidance, a wunderkind can develop into a world-class footballer with the gifts and aptitude to excel at the highest level; wunderkinder do not always become the true stars that their potential levels would have suggested they’d develop into, yet that will not hinder us from watching the best u/20 lads in the game and giving you an informative, enlightening and educational scouting report as our Talent Scout packs his binoculars and goes Wunderkind Watching.


Jeff Reine-Adelaide


DoB: January 17th, 1998 (17)

PoB: Champigny-sur-Marne, Paris; France

Nationality: French

Caps & Goals: N/A (French u/16 & u/17 International)

Position/s: Winger, Advanced Playmaker, Attacking Midfielder, Trequartista (Left, Right, Centre)

Preferred Foot: Right

Club: Arsenal FC

Club Jersey No: #54

Club Appearances & Goals: N/A (In the Arsenal u/21 side)

Development Academy: RC Lens u/19 (France)

Talent Scout Report

Mental: Modern football demands that wide players possess the ability to create quality goalscoring opportunities, as most teams tend to play with one forward upfront and pack the midfield or overload the defensive end; Jeff seems tailor-made to excel on the flanks with his artistic like levels of creativity and the flair to do the unthinkable with the ball at his feet, such class is highlighted when combined with his exemplary knowledge of when to dribble and how to exploit the space created or afforded. The all-round hallmark of Reine-Adelaide’s mental game is the fact that he makes good decisions for a lad his age; creative players have often been unfortunately branded as “luxury players” due to a perceived lack of overall team ethic, Jeff seems to defy that tag with his great determination and drive on the field.

The one evident flaw in Jeff’s overall mental game is one that is common in many young players today; a poor sense of positional play without possession and distinctive or definitive movement off-the-ball can often result in a good attacking player becoming easier to contain for a defensive unit, while such traits are essential for an attacking player in the modern game, they are also very coachable and possible to master.

Physical: If we have learned anything from the advancement of gegenpressing and the evolution of tiki-taka, it’s that pace hurts opponents in ways they cannot contain; Jeff easily stands out as a star for the future in this category, blessed with great athleticism and bags of pace to boot, one cannot help but feel as if the lad could develop into the type of player defenders loathe to face and managers love to have. As we have often noted in other speedy footballers before, pace and acceleration can be wasted on a player without balance or agility to make full use of that athletic advantage; Reine-Adelaide adds immeasurable value with his ability to run hard while still adding a distinct quality on the field, such athleticism will put the lad in good stead for a future in the fast paced English Premier League.

Excelling in such a physical league will require more work in the gym for Jeff, he has a great build for a wide player and the addition of more meat on to his bones will make him truly uncontainable for fullbacks far and wide; again, this is something he can work on and add to his overall game over time, with effort invested.

Technical: One thing you can guarantee from a player co-signed by Arsène Wenger, is an evident degree of technical dexterity and quality; Jeff is a gifted dribbler of the ball, his outstanding fist touch and technical control of the football combine to make for an artist with paintbrushes for feet. We have seen many a gifted ball-player fail to make the grade at the elite level due to a lack of end-product, Jeff seems to defy the odds yet again with his accurate delivery from wide positions and a keen eye for shooting chances when penetrating into the attacking third.

If one were to look for a flaw in Reine-Adelaide’s technical make-up, it could be found in his passing game, the lad will surely be taught how to get more involved in the intricate build-up play preferred at Arsenal and that addition to his arsenal would be invaluable as he seeks to develop into a star footballer for club and country in the future.

GSV Potential Meter: 4/5 Tsamaya’s


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