GSV Wunderkind Watching; The Palmy Phakamani Mahlambi

Eyes On The Ball | Phakamani Mahlambi
Football - 2015 MTN8 Semi Final 2nd Leg - Bidvest Wits v Ajax Cape Town - Bidvest Stadium
Catch Him If You Can | Phakamani Mahlambi


: a child prodigy; also :  one who succeeds in a competitive or highly difficult field or profession at an early age

: someone who achieves success or shows great talent at a young age

The transition from playground hero to global superstar is one that only a lucky few get to undergo & complete; child prodigies can be found in every crevice of the globe, yet one does not always get to witness a child prodigy excel at a competitive level and show signs of great promise at a tender age, as gaffers are often under pressure to get immediate results and predictably punt for more seasoned pro’s as they seek to attain some much needed job security. Football remains one of the greatest tests of talent in the modern age, a field where hard work beats talent, when talent refuses to work hard and having talent alone is not enough to truly flourish in the craft. With measured development and sound off-field guidance, a wunderkind can develop into a world-class footballer with the gifts and aptitude to excel at the highest level; wunderkinder do not always become the true stars that their potential levels would have suggested they’d develop into, yet that will not hinder us from watching the best u/20 lads in the game and giving you an informative, enlightening and educational scouting report as our Talent Scout packs his binoculars and goes Wunderkind Watching.


Phakamani Mahlambi


Full Name: Phakamani Lungisani Mahlambi

DoB: September 12th, 1997 (18)

PoB: Johannesburg, Gauteng; South Africa

Nationality: South African

Caps & Goals: N/A {u/23, 5 Caps}

Position/s: Winger, Inside Forward, Advanced Playmaker, Attacking Midfielder, Advanced Forward, Trequartista (Left, Right, Centre)

Preferred Foot: Right

Club: BidVest Wits FC

Club Jersey No: #27

Development Academies: Transnet School of Excellence, BidVest Wits Youth Academy

Career Club Record: 12 Games, 5 Goals, 2 Assists

Talent Scout Report

Mental: The differentiator between good attacking footballers and the greats is often mental, creativity and flair can often afford an attacking player an added advantage that can seem unfair at times; Phakamani is a prodigious talent who has been gifted with a good football brain that allows him to accentuate his other abilities via his high creative threshold and great reading of in-game situations. It is often rare to find a young attacking prodigy that possesses great anticipation and compliments it with the ability to fully utilise that skill to devastating effect.

Advancements in modern football always find a way to make certain traits seem like invaluable commodities, the pressing game has reinstated the need for attacking players to run hard higher up the field when the team is not in possession of the ball; being able to be effective on both sides of the ball is now crucial for attacking players at most football clubs and Mahlambi is constantly improving in that regard with more exposure to first team football. A hard-running athlete with a good work-rate that showcases a desire to function effectively as a part of a well drilled unit, the electric young forward has already endeared himself to many with his all-action game that should be mirrored by some of his elder counterparts.

Physical: Gone are the days when footballers could get by on ability and roughly negate the need to build a body that allows them to truly excel in their profession; while Phakamani is still some way off from being physically fully developed as a footballer, the lad has already used his svelte physique to compliment his great pace and make him even more of an offensive threat. Blessed with a low centre of gravity and the agility to turn on a 5 cent coin, Mahlambi poses a genuine threat with the ball at his feet and that good movement constantly allows him to outpace his marker and get in behind defenders.

One can clearly see why his gaffer, Gavin Hunt, has looked to help him build his career as a more central attacking player that can grow into a footballer that one can build a team around; good movement is pivotal to playing centrally in an age where most smaller teams look to remain compact and afford their opponents very little room to play in. While the lad will need to continue investing time in the gym to get some rocks in his pockets and make him even harder to contain on the offensive end, a stronger and more durable physique would also make him even more of a commodity to European sides that require more physicality from their players due to the higher tempo in the football played.

Technical: Attacking Mzansi diski superstars have often been typified by their technical mastery and their insane ability to perform magical acts with the football; Phakamani easily stands out head and shoulders above many of his peers due to his great dribbling dexterity and his Velcro-like first touch that affords him the platform to beat his marker and create space to work in. Phakamani is constantly improving upon his end-product, an Achilles-heel for many attacking footballers across the nation; an appetite for goal can only grow when a young player is bagging a couple and creating a few more while still playing off raw potential and not mastered ability, his goal tally is bound to improve further with even more work and dedication invested over time.

The one slight glitch in his remarkable technical arsenal would be his inability to be fully functional in the passing game, an inability that adds to his ability to be ineffective for spells in a game; the adoption of a simple passing game where he learns a pattern of basic passes that open up space for his team and himself would add an intangible value to his game, a value that would instantly translate into more effectiveness and higher levels of output on the field.

GSV Potential Meter: 5/5 Tsamaya’s


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