GSV Wunderkind Watching; The Marvellous Anthony Martial

The Teenage Prodigy Showing Class | AS Monaco
A Record Breaking Wunderkind | Manchester United FC


: a child prodigy; also :  one who succeeds in a competitive or highly difficult field or profession at an early age

: someone who achieves success or shows great talent at a young age

The transition from playground hero to global superstar is one that only a lucky few get to undergo & complete; child prodigies can be found in every crevice of the globe, yet one does not always get to witness a child prodigy excel at a competitive level and show signs of great promise at a tender age, as gaffers are often under pressure to get immediate results and predictably punt for more seasoned pro’s as they seek to attain some much needed job security. Football remains one of the greatest tests of talent in the modern age, a field where hard work beats talent, when talent refuses to work hard and having talent alone is not enough to truly flourish in the craft. With measured development and sound off-field guidance, a wunderkind can develop into a world-class footballer with the gifts and aptitude to excel at the highest level; wunderkinder do not always become the true stars that their potential levels would have suggested they’d develop into, yet that will not hinder us from watching the best u/20 lads in the game and giving you an informative, enlightening and educational scouting report as our Talent Scout packs his binoculars and goes Wunderkind Watching.


Anthony Martial


Full Name:

DoB: December 5th, 1995 (20)

PoB: Massy, Essone; Paris

Nationalities: French, Guadeloupian

Caps & Goals: 6 Caps, 3 Assists {u/16, 17 Caps, 9 Goals; u/17, 13 Caps, 9 Goals; u/18, 4 Caps, 3 Goals; u/19, 5 Caps; u/21, 12 Caps, 4 Goals}

Position/s: Winger, Inside Forward, Advanced Forward, Deep-Lying Forward, Poacher (Left, Right, Centre)

Preferred Foot: Right

Club: Manchester United Football Club

Club Jersey No: #9

Development Academy: Olympique Lyonnais

Previous Clubs: Olympique Lyonnais, AS Monaco

Career Club Record: 104 Games, 24 Goals, 14 Assists

Talent Scout Report

Mental: Speed merchants can often go underdeveloped if there is no effort & time invested in making them effective in their movement; much of that begins in the mind, Martial is blessed with great a great sense of anticipation in play and his precise and definitive movement off the ball allows him to make full use of his gifts to exploit gaps in defensive lines despite being deployed to play in a myriad of attacking positions. Forever as cool as a cucumber, the lad seems unflustered on the field and that high level of composure is evident in his clinical finishing. As an offensive player that gets utilised across the attacking line, Anthony would need to have a high level of creativity to get involved in attacking play more frequently; true to form, the relatively physical and dynamic forward has a astonishing creative dexterity which affords him an extra bit of firepower in his offensive armoury.

Despite being blessed with great movement off the ball, the youngster will need to become more aware of the spaces he can exploit if he is to continue being used as more of a playmaker forward than a genuine no: 9; for Martial to become the offensive superstar that he seems destined to become, his positional play will have to improve as he can often look lost in phases where his team sees far less of the ball.

Physical: The marvel of Martial initially lay in his ability to ghost past defenders with ease; the pace and build of a sprinter combined with the mind and technique of a star footballer, sounds a lot like a great Frenchman that terrorised Premier League defenders for fun while winning a few trophies for The Arsenal… Anthony is blessed with a great burst of speed and power in his legs that allows him to accelerate quickly while still motoring on and maintaining his speed after gathering up a head of steam. That impressive movement is coupled with graceful agility that gives his body an opportunity to turn on a dime while maintaining his balance and allowing him to change gears and fly past markers, often leaving them eating dust before they can read his movement.

A great physique is one of the key factors behind Martial proving tough to contain for defenders, the lad can run off the shoulder of his marker or play in front of defenders with relative ease; while many have commended the maturity he has shown playing well out wide, Martial’s physical gifts mean that he could develop into an elite level no: 9 that can score different goals of great quality.

Technical: True to the Thierry Henry comparisons, Martial is a technical work of art that would easily have caught the eye with his technical mastery alone; a consummate finisher with outstanding technique on the ball, one cannot help but marvel at how efficiently the lad uses the ball while allowing his good 1st touch to afford him an extended period of time to think on the ball and make good decisions. That great ability on the ball is largely underpinned by his astonishing capacity to beat his marker on the dribble and allow his creative mind & impressive physique to fuse and make for one outrageously talented attacking prodigy.

GSV Potential Meter: 5/5 Tsamaya’s


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