UEFA EURO 2016 Young Guns To Watch; Lucas Digne, France

Euro 16 LogoFrance Badge


There is an age old belief within football circles that you cannot win anything with a side dependant on youngsters, yet me being the firm believer in youth development that I am, I cannot help but hope that the young stars of the future on display at the 2016 UEFA European Championships take this opportunity that fate has afforded them to make the world of football sit up and truly appreciate the magnificence that these wunderkinds have been created to grace us with. A plethora of talented players will be keen to showcase their talent in the 15th edition of the UEFA European Championship; we at GSV would like to hone our binoculars in on the u/23 players that will be looking to etch their mark on the global game, without further ado, we present to you the UEFA EURO 2016 Young Guns To Watch. Prendre plaisir!




Lucas Digne


DoB: July 20th, 1993 (22)

PoB: Meaux, France

Nationality: French

Position/s: Fullback, Wingback, Winger (Left)

Height: 1, 78m

Club: AS Roma (On Loan From Paris Saint-Germain)

Club Career Record: 148 Games, 6 Goals, 13 Assists

National Team Record: 13 Caps

The Grand Stand View

When a good young player develops under the shadow of a top class seasoned campaigner, the outcome of their development mainly hinges on the mental facet of the game, how determined is the youngster to bide his time while developing his game? Lucas Digne is a footballer that has showcased the patience to wait his turn and wait for the moment to establish himself as a pivotal cog in the France machine.

Lucas Digne is a tenacious footballer with good anticipation on the field and some impressive positional play, a lad who combines tenacity with timing to make for one focused defender that is hard to get the upper hand over in an individual battle. Blessed with a low centre of gravity and a good burst of pace, Digne uses his pace to get up and down the line well, offering his team an outlet on the left flank while still proving to be a handy defender when called upon. A naturally driven individual, whose work rate and overall team ethic easily make him a must have in any side; Lucas Digne may just be the heir apparent to the man he competes with for a starting line-up slot.

Many will be quick to point out the evident gulf in class between Patrice Evra and Lucas Digne, but the latter now has the opportunity to craft his own niche in a similar fashion to Patrice, who worked his socks off to become one of the finest fullbacks of his generation after being something of a late-bloomer on the elite level. Evra has reached the age where he is likely looking at his last major International tournament, it wouldn’t come as a surprise to see the legendary fullback playing more of a mentoring role off the bench for his more than able deputy.


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