Half-Time Orange For Thought; The 40/40 Club, Kyrie Irving & LeBron James Make History



Dissected with the attention to detail of a legendary Masterchef 2nd season casting outcast , your good mate Uncle Bob serves up his weekly Half-Time Orange For Thought; a mental morsel for the sports fanatic with a healthy appetite for wholesome consumables. We at GSV have reluctantly declared ourselves accountable for any digestion difficulties that may or may not occur. Enjoy!

The 2016 NBA Playoffs have been a rollercoaster ride for any basketball fan; while some pairings gave us match-ups that delivered arguably the most competitive tussles we’ve seen in the playoffs for recent years, the Cleveland Cavaliers steadily dealt with the considerably lesser challengers they faced en-route to the Finals. Many will argue that the Toronto Raptors were a tough team to beat for the Cavs, yet that would still mean that the Raptors would remain the toughest obstacle the Cavs had to overcome in a much weaker Eastern Conference, that didn’t pose too much danger to the Cavaliers to start with.

The Finals were billed up to be a blockbuster movie like sequel to last year’s compelling series, where an injury depleted Cavs were beaten by a hungrier and fitter Golden State Warriors team that showed their class; a fully fit and firing Cavs were expected to give the defending Champions a run for their money, and take the series all the way to the wire. Much of the expectation hasn’t been met, on both sides of the court, the Warriors are winning without their leading men having fully got going, Stephen Curry has had to deal with offish shooting nights and a some taxing defensive shifts; while the Cavs have Kevin Love back in relatively good health, but his output has led many to question if they are actually better off without him in the starting five. The Cavaliers headed into Game 5 of the Finals 3-1 down, knowing that they needed their two stars to step up and get them the win they so desperately needed to keep themselves in the race for that elusive crown of NBA Champions, and boy did they step up, and some…

Guard Kyrie Irving and Forward LeBron James put on a dominant shooting display that literally seeped the confidence and joy out of the Warriors team and fans in a packed Oracle Arena. In what appeared to be a shooting challenge within a game, the Cavs star men combined to win the game for their team, and find a way to have fun while making history. A 40+ point night for both All-Stars saw them become only the 5h pair in the history of the NBA to combine for 80+ points in an NBA playoff game where each teammate scores 40, the Cavs pair also etched their names into the history books by becoming the first duo to do so in the NBA Finals. Welcome to the 40/40 Club lads!

The 40/40 Club (40+ Points By Teammates In The Same Playoff Game)

Date Round Game Team & Opponent Score Duo
March 29th, 1962 Western Division Finals Game 4 Lakers vs Pistons 117 – 118 Elgin Baylor (45) & Jerry West (41)
April 4th, 1988 Western Conference First Round Game 2 Rockets vs Mavericks 119 – 108 Eric Augustus “Sleepy” Floyd (42) & Hakeem Olajuwon (40)
May 5th, 1995 Western Conference First Round Game 4 Rockets vs Jazz 123 – 106 Clyde Drexler (41) & Hakeem Olajuwon (40)
June 5th, 2000 Eastern Conference Semi-Finals Game 1 Pacers vs 76ers 108 – 91 Reggie Miller (40) & Jalen Rose (40)
June 13th, 2016 Finals Game 5 Cavaliers vs Warriors 112 – 97 Kyrie Irving (41) & LeBron James (41)

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