UEFA EURO 2016 Young Guns To Watch; Emre Can, Germany

Euro 16 LogoGerman Football Badge


There is an age old belief within football circles that you cannot win anything with a side dependant on youngsters, yet me being the firm believer in youth development that I am, I cannot help but hope that the young stars of the future on display at the 2016 UEFA European Championships take this opportunity that fate has afforded them to make the world of football sit up and truly appreciate the magnificence that these wunderkinds have been created to grace us with. A plethora of talented players will be keen to showcase their talent in the 15th edition of the UEFA European Championship; we at GSV would like to hone our binoculars in on the u/23 players that will be looking to etch their mark on the global game, without further ado, we present to you the UEFA EURO 2016 Young Guns To Watch. Prendre plaisir!




Emre Can


DoB: January 12th, 1994 (22)

PoB: Frankfurt, Germany

Nationality: German

Position/s: Ball-Playing Defender, Stopper Defender, Cover Defender, Anchorman, Ball-Winning Midfielder, Box-To-Bo Midfielder

Height: 1, 84m

Club: Liverpool Football Club

Club Career Record: 166 Games, 11 Goals, 11 Assists

National Team Record: 6 Caps, 1 Assist

The Grand Stand View

Gradually aiding talented young players to progress through the ranks, and afford the nation with a steady supply of players primed to play at the elite level is something all nations should aspire to do; Germany have not only endeavoured to do so, but they have succeeded in creating an environment where talented young players are identified, developed and blooded into the national team setup. Much credit goes out to the German football administrators that saw the need for this change, mapped out a way to attain in, and have successfully done so.


Emre Can is another German talent that has been on the cusp of a breakout season for a little while now; a very seasoned campaigner, Can is a technically gifted defensive footballer who, despite his commendable years spent playing at the elite level, is yet to fully come into his own as a player. Blessed with great ability to read that game, anticipate danger and position himself accordingly to make the interceptions that his game is built on, Emre Can has all the tools to excel as that defensive foil who can also orchestrate attacking moves from deep like Sergio Busquets has done for the past decade. Emre, and a few of his previous coaches, can be accused of not really knowing which position and role suits the lads abilities best, as a versatile player, the line becomes blurrier when one has the ability to do equally well in a plethora of positions and roles.

The powers that be may have finally got their due appreciation when the nation brought home the 2014 World Cup title, but many of the players also deserve praise for how they make competition for places in the side so fierce. A player like Emre Can, who has patiently waited for his turn to play regularly, provides that calibre of depth a nation needs if they seek to continually compete for and win titles on the international stage.


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