UEFA EURO 2016 Young Guns To Watch; Bartosz Kapustka, Poland

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There is an age old belief within football circles that you cannot win anything with a side dependant on youngsters, yet me being the firm believer in youth development that I am, I cannot help but hope that the young stars of the future on display at the 2016 UEFA European Championships take this opportunity that fate has afforded them to make the world of football sit up and truly appreciate the magnificence that these wunderkinds have been created to grace us with. A plethora of talented players will be keen to showcase their talent in the 15th edition of the UEFA European Championship; we at GSV would like to hone our binoculars in on the u/23 players that will be looking to etch their mark on the global game, without further ado, we present to you the UEFA EURO 2016 Young Guns To Watch. Prendre plaisir!




Bartosz Kapustka


DoB: December 23rd, 1996 (19)

PoB: Tarnów, Poland

Nationalities: Poland

Position/s: Deep-Lying Playmaker, Box-To-Box Midfielder, Attacking Midfielder, Advanced Playmaker, Winger, Inside Forward, Trequartista (Left/Right/Centre)

Height: 1, 79m

Club: KS Cracovia

Club Career Record: 63 Games, 8 Goals, 12 Assists

National Team Record: 10 Caps, 2 Goals, 2 Assists

The Grand Stand View

The pace and sheer intensity of football today has made it a tad bit harder for good young players to swiftly acclimatise to playing at a higher level, after making the step up from the youth ranks; it has become even easier to spot an elite level ready talent once they are thrown into the deep end with the big fish, due to the more competitive nature of the game today. Watching a young lad mix in with much older, and far more seasoned peers is personally inspiring, football can often be a great reminder of how true talent has no limitations regarding age or experience.

Bartosz Kapustka is one of those outrageously gifted young players that step up to playing football at the elite level, and look as if they have been playing there their whole entire lives. A young creative midfielder, whose undeniable ability from a tender age saw him quickly progress up the youth ranks to the senior level setup for club & country, Bartosz Kapustka is a natural born trequartista who feels at home with the ball glued to his foot, where he can use his great technical gifts to manipulate it as he sees fit. A naturally instinctive player that is comfortable playing within that little pocket of space between midfielders and defenders; Bartosz combines a great football brain, with sound passing ability, to keep himself involved in the creation of play and afford himself the best possible platform to better influence proceedings to the benefit of his side.

Gifted young playmakers are known to be a high commodity in football, for many obvious reasons, including the rarity of such highly demanded talents; Bartosz Kapustka has already been tipped as one of the finest Polish players of his generation, such lavish praise will only seek to drive up his value and create an increased level of expectation around a player, who has impressed many in his relatively short time as a professional footballer. Poland will do well to nature such a precocious young footballer into the world-beating playmaker he promises to be in years to come, the future looks exceedingly bright for Bartosz Kapustka, a lad that was born to create and score goals for fun.


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